Men & Women

All services listed are suitable for men and women

Having a place where people can come and not be judged on their physical capabilities but also have a place to heal mentally and emotionally is what I needed and I think Glamour Lounge does that.”
Shade Martins
Human Resource


Daily Gym Services ₦1,500.00
Weekend plan ₦10,000
Four Saturdays in a Month Gym Services ₦6,000.00
Two Weeks Gym Services ₦8,000.00
One Month (30 Days) Gym Services ₦15,000.00
Six Month (180 Days) Gym Services ₦75,000.00
Three Months (90 Days) Gym Services ₦40,000.00
Nine Months (270 Days) Gym Services ₦100,000.00
Twelve Months (360 Days) Gym Services ₦120,000.00